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There are several aspects of the influence of the speaker box on the sound quality

The diffraction and interference processes of sound waves have a significant effect on loudspeaker playback. Diffraction and interference effects on corners of loudspeaker boxes are often the cause of poor sound distortion and impulse response. Thus, the shape of the loudspeaker box has a great influence on the diffraction and interference of the sound waves. The more sharp the corner of the speaker box, the more violent changes in frequency characteristics. From the characteristics of the point of view, spherical, hemispherical, cut rectangular box, cylindrical and other box design as well. This requires that the box material can be processed into various shapes of the characteristics, thereby reducing production costs and to meet the needs of production. Affect the speaker sound quality is not just the shape of the speaker box, box material material on the sound quality can not be ignored. If the material constituting the loudspeaker box produces a weak plate vibration, it will also damage the sound quality. The effect of the vibration of the speaker box board will remain for quite a long time. The primary condition for obtaining a non-dyed loudspeaker playback is that the sound of the loudspeaker's radiation is radiated only by the diaphragm and / or by the set radiation port (for example, the acoustic tube in the inverted speaker box or the exponential and transmission line speaker box Of the acoustic radiation) to radiation, and can reach the surrounding space. If the rigidity of the box material is not good enough, the loudspeaker wall will be excited to produce self-vibration, resulting in more or less wall moisture permeability and a considerable part of the sound through the box wall in the external space with the speaker Direct radiation of the acoustic wave reverse interference, resulting in loudspeaker box frequency response beats by dre wireless characteristics of the irregular curve, so that sound quality deterioration.

The transmission of the loudspeaker box and the transmission of the sound waves beats by dre sale cause the interference and diffraction of the sound waves, thereby deteriorating the sound quality of the loudspeaker. The internal cheap beats loss of the box material is large damping, can transform a part of the vibration energy into heat, increase the resistance of the wall, both to reduce the amplitude of vibration and help to avoid acoustic transmission. So the damping of the box material directly affects the sound quality of the speaker.

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