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These headphones make the yuppie totally natural

In recent years, the trend of the circle, the ya ruff wave with the strong revival of nostalgia, serious among a little frivolous yuppie wind dress by a lot of influx of people sought after. Clothing standard equipment in addition to including a very strong suit suit beats earbuds suit shoes, beam into trousers with checkered jacket, small round neck sweater with straight jeans, etc., more eye-catching and play a decisive role, but it is some seem Ordinarily there is a great article of decorative accessories. Traditional watches, ties, glasses, belts and other accessories to make the whole dress is more elegant and generous, and the new era of smart bracelet, headphones and other items is to allow the overall wear with a very active up. Among them, the headset as many young people like with the accessories, but also derived from a lot of elegance can be the "costume headphones", today we come to look at these so-called "costume headphones" is worth a buy. The The design of the headset is like a bright gem, sparkling, rather than it is a pair of headphones, beats by dre sale it is better to say that the art of the exhibition hall. In the middle of the earmuffs inlaid with a Swarovski crystal, even more elegant. Diamonds of tears beats headphones faded the traditional gem of the old-fashioned, which revealed a trace of elegance comparable to the traditional diamond necklace.

The overall shape design is more inclined to pay tribute to the traditional, such beats by dre on sale as wearing leather material, double-track metal head frame, folding joints of the hexagonal screws and other elements, retro taste blowing. And similar to the matte texture of circular ear shells, bright metallic texture of these are big steamed bread 2 generation is slim and stylish. Metal headset frame and the perfect combination of leather head beam, advanced blasting metal to bring a more comfortable touch, delicate lambskin wrapped around the earmuffs, luxurious temperament filled in the product around, not other synthetic materials can be compared. Cortex, metal, plastic between the strong sense of a good reduction of the metal elements to highlight the luxury details. The whole body with a fine black sandblasting as the background, like a pair of deep eyes in the temptation to you, and as a dotted with Phnom Penh elements, so that the headphones exudes a classic atmosphere, but also quite modern. More importantly, the earmuffs with soft leather fabric and extremely flexible sponge material, so wear more comfortable. Using the most popular wireless Bluetooth transmission as one of the main means of connection, so that the headset to wear more convenient, the same for the classic and elegant "gentleman" added a trace of cordial science and technology.

Leather, paint plastic and matte metal three materials were friendly deployment, stylish and beautiful appearance also has a business light as the atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that the metal to do a meticulous matte treatment, even the outer plastic shells are used in a delicate circle design, making the light exposure under the show a vinyl discs feel. Harmony of the lines and color matching, people feel relaxed and comfortable.