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This headset is toxic, always snatched to hear I do not want to return
beats by dre cheap As the experience of beats by dre wireless audio products increasing, only to find themselves increasingly aware of the lack of audio products, what three units four units, what circle Ferrite ring, what Diaphragm plug and so on, to me is a brand new world. Fortunately, however, with the deepening of audio products, especially headset products, ears are increasingly picky, basically listen to a few times you can roughly know the difference between headphones.

First, there are neat package

Neat rules of the packaging design is to give me the most intuitive impression. Although the outer packaging is all black + red and white dotted, but open the outer box, inside the headset, silicone earmuffs, accessories patchwork placed in their respective locations, the visual sense of a grade.

Accessories can only say that is enough, medium and small size of the three pairs of silicone earmuffs, black pouch and earphone main body. If you can standard instructions, warranty cards and other paper documents, folders, anti-winding storage straps, I believe this headset user experience and grade will be a higher level.

Using more mainstream in-ear headphones design, the color more overhangs, the bold use of bright red + black color with design, furious at the same time, wearing a very high degree of recognition on the ear. Out of the color of the design, but also from the side that Ya day technology in the field of industrial design headsets.

The silicone earmuffs peel open, you will see DC1 headphone cavity for our left and right ear contour different, and the tilt direction is also different. And other ring iron, moving coil headphones, like the celestix ceramic unit, moving coil unit, etc. are designed in the headset, and the use of metal casing.

And other ring iron, moving coil headphones is not the same, elegant days in addition to the headphone cavity designed acoustic tuning network, but also in the lower part of the metal shell designed acoustic tuning network to the cavity of the vibration of the acoustic unit Provides more room for stretching. Regardless of the blind or conscious left and right ears beats by dre on sale apart, the experience is good.

Standard medium and small size three kinds of silicone earmuffs, medium size earmuffs is the default set in the headphone cavity, three sizes of silicone earmuffs, can adapt to different people's ear contour. In the past, most of the earmuffs are not dirty, this should be elegant timber, wear a few days down, soiled more satisfied with me,

Overall, the tilt chamber design, with the color match, neat and tidy package design, high recognition of the sound quality performance, ring porcelain headphones can face the headset 500 yuan price and market competition.

In my opinion, the appearance of a headset has a recognizable sense of hearing to meet our daily music details, the demand for analysis, the price is also cost-effective, I think this is a headset worth starting, what do you think?