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This price of 100 yuan price of 3 headphones make you hear cool
This headset in the low-end headset market can be described as the beats earphones world invincible hand. As a domestic manufacturer, monopoly of high-end headphones in foreign brands market, potential rhyme plowed low-end, with limited cost space.

cheap beats This headset looks elegant, workmanship is very delicate, gloss, accuracy are better than the smash hit in the entry price of the United States and the United States E10. Wire It is the more common 18-core enameled oxygen-free copper wire core, but because of the four colors are used in the original enameled wire, and the use of double-coated structure covered with a transparent skin, so it looks particularly beautiful. Plug and splitter is the use of black rubber material, but because the splitter mold precision is not bad, it looks still exquisite.

Sound, the bass performance flexibility, the size of the dive in the middle of the ear is a good level. IF less affected by the low frequency, sound full and smooth, is the biggest advantage of this headset. So sub-99 in the performance beats by dre on sale of pop music, life is smooth, full and full. Use a word to comment on the sound field is small and stretch.

As long as contact with the earphone ring, whether you can not afford to watch this headset, but have to admit that the price of this headset can beats headphones cheap be described as nothing.

Headphone connector, the use of a straight plug, line port thicker than the generation, the wire with a new and IE800 similar snake headphone cable, headphone cable can be better to prevent winding, soft and hard also more appropriate.

You should know that the headset is now cost-effective. You know, this headset is the legendary counterbalance W4, UE900, 535 and other moving iron stopper.

This headset bass slightly worse, alto in general, treble is acceptable, but this is for this headset, now only sell 100 +, that is bass in general, tenor good, treble excellent.

Is a very cost-effective music headphones, good sound quality, moderate price, good value for money for a music user is a good choice, RE-400 in the low frequency performance is slightly lacking, but Superb vocals and IF performance, high-frequency surprising excellent enough to make up for the low-frequency disadvantage, is a major gun favorite writing works.

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