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Those headphones that let you listen
1, ear headphones recommended

Fortunately, after playing the machine, the timbre is also liked and the sound insulation effect is quite good. The bad thing is to change the smallest earbuds... but it still slides out of my ears and slides out to wear more for a while.

2, headset recommended

The favorite Ashkenazi headphones sound relatively accurate, excellent resolution, suitable for classical symphony, Japanese headphones high-frequency extension is good, the sound is more smooth, listen to the pop music is most suitable, the US Department of voice warm and full, low frequency to force, metal Rock is awesome. Austria's vocals are sweet, with low frequencies and light music are the most suitable.

3, ear-hook headset recommended

The most distinctive feature is its retractable adjustable ear hooks. The daily use feels like the hooks are loosely damped and occasionally slips. On the workmanship, a hexagonal screw was used to connect the earhook to the transfer position. Due to the use of some metal materials, the overall texture of the headset is excellent. However, the wire used is very fine and requires extra care in daily use. Try to avoid pulling the wire.

beats earphones The quality of the sound is really nothing to say, especially in the interpretation of the female voice, exhalation, tooth sound, sigh can be well restored, listening to a long time there is a high cold and thorough feeling, very plain.

In terms of low frequencies: The low volume is very low, and it is very crisp and not heavy. After the dense drums are heard, it feels more like rain drops.

Overall: Excellent in beats headphones female voice, delicate and moist. On the other hand, if you are inclined to listen to remix, rock, and symphony friends, the A8 is not a good choice. Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is a fragile headset. After a while, the rubber in the white portion of the earphones is slightly peeled off, and the overall milky color is also beats by dre yellowish and needs frequent cleaning.

Ear hook is very strong, and can adjust the size, ran for 40 minutes, the ear will not suffer from pain; the best experience is its sound insulation effect, noise level rod, running in the community garden, square dance aunt's music sound completely Isolation is the sound beats earbuds quality of the end, partial bass, no worse than the headphones that Apple brings