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Those music fans will not miss the headphones
Unconsciously on the end of the year, want to give yourself a gift to work hard for a year, then how to chop opponents? How to chop a good hand? How to cut value? I believe this is every fancier will consider the issue of sharing a wave of premium audio equipment, maybe you want it!

People behind the price is the value of the fare back to the product performance, which also makes Edifier in the domestic sales have been very good. Head-mounted Bluetooth headset is a cost-effective product introduced by Walker last year, as a Bluetooth headset, something to you, such as NFC, shortcut keys, aptX technology and so on.

Can play continuously for about 20 hours, enough to meet the needs of most people listening to beats headphones on sale songs a week. Headphones Bluetooth headphones sound style bias pop music, in line with the listening habits of the general population, the sound lines thick, full.

This headset seems to truly represent the strength of Sennheiser headphones in the Bluetooth noise reduction. PXC550's "sell" is actually not too pleasing, but Sennheiser is such an inner strength to send. It is a very competitive Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones, in addition to good sound quality as always, the noise reduction effect is quite standard.

Hidden in the poor appearance of abnormal things much. For example, the switch by rotating the headset to achieve, the right ear touch control, through the different directions of the slide, to achieve the selections and adjust the volume operation, together with the default noise reduction mode and sound settings, and then through the App fine adjustment , The effect of combining out less say there are hundreds of species. Compared to BOSE concise, is completely the other extreme.

Wear comfortable, suitable for people who like listening to music with headphones for a long time. Second, MDR-1A sound performance is not very good, but for most consumers it is enough. 1A compared to other headphones, the sound field is not large, of course, than most in-ear earplugs still exist some inherent advantages, the vertical depth performance is better than the width of the horizontal, as a whole is close to the medium Popular type of stage, but also a sense of enveloping is quite good, very suitable for the interpretation of some popular songs, the overall sense of 1A listening is higher than the quality of the listening type is more suitable for the interpretation of popular songs, the advantages are more obvious advantages , The sound has its own style more, the light used to listen to the popular really good.

beats earphones Retro look, there is not too much complicated design. A key on each side to cover all the operations, simple and efficient. The sound quality cheap beats by dre is still very good, like jazz, especially guitar friends, it can be said that he was wrong, definitely moved to cry! Rhythm control and rock control can also lock the target. Retro appearance, distinctive features. If you like its design, or jazz lovers or rhythm control, the absolute direct start will not be wrong.