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Top headphones to meet the headstrong ear - to make ear headphones recommended
Sound performance, if you are a fan of high-end equipment, then 1A overall sound quality performance is the best and most affordable; if the mobile phone users, because it comes with built-in decoding, so the general headphone cable can, let you The ear is pregnant. The 1ABT although the sound quality performance is not the other two, it is still the most advanced technology, the best sound quality Bluetooth portable headphones.

Is a balanced output of the headphones, the sound field is broad, whether it is high or low frequency, resolution is just right, the most important thing is, not expensive!

Relative to the other two headphones, 1A's headphone cavity does not plug into the excess battery and circuit, so the acoustic space design easier. And 1A is designed specifically for balanced output, headphone plug is 4, you can choose the official balance upgrade line, with the PHA-3 balanced decoding amp will have a higher resolution auditory feast. So, if you have the kind of slightly higher-end players, headphone amplifiers, then this is the best choice.

beats headphones cheap Can be beats headphones on sale said that the phone is built for the sound quality plug-in, built-in S-Master HX digital amplifier chip, the overall strength of roughly the same strength with the A15 player, but the decoding format support 1ADAC superior, it can decode up to 24bit / 192KHz PCM and DSD128 high-quality music.

Phone compatibility, Apple iPhone, iPad iOS devices such as no problem, today's Android is naturally relaxed, or when the original is still 4.0 compatibility embarrassment. There are many mobile phone that comes with dac really may not be so beats by dre on sale good the effect, but that can be directly used 1A ah, hey hey hey.

Bluetooth headset sound quality is more or less depends on the quality of the headphone unit, the headset itself, while the Bluetooth transmission itself is not the biggest bottleneck (say 1abt he can connect ah = =), 1ABT is such a high quality Bluetooth headset, headset excellent Quality strength, cheap beats the sound is still good, in many ways, you can accurately reproduce a clear voice, it is a pleasure, intoxicated in the music journey ~

To sum up, when you buy it back, there is no feeling of burning before the headset, the sound is clear, the degree of separation of the instrument is more obvious. The sound of the sound field is already small. The bass is more flexible. Sense of sound is relatively smooth but not bright enough. Sound can be described as disappointing, boring, small paste, not enough transparent plus not enough front. So no matter what high-end headphones, are required to burn headphones.