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Wear it, do not want to get rid of!

Have you ever wondered what kind of meaning does headphones have for you? Take the subway bus, or when you run, habitual wear headphones, human desire to use headphones, exclusion of the world harsh, negative noise, to meet their own needs for loneliness. However, some of the design of the headset to the daily cause of trouble, although the Bluetooth headset to get rid of the shackles of the cable, but really want to use the wishful, not so easy. Headset type, too, not easy to carry; ear plug-type is easy to carry, into the ears can be used, but often find one but can not find another. A convenient to carry, wear will not fall is not easy to lose, excellent sound quality, but also effectively cut off the noise outside the headphones, the price is often thousands or even higher, ordinary people can not afford to afford.

Because of its unique magnetic design, the magnetic parts of the two headphones can be "pacit" look together and automatically disconnect the Bluetooth, into the power saving mode. Gently pull the headset, then it will immediately connected to the phone, 1 second will be able to answer the phone, listen to music. And it is very cheap beats headphones strong, wear running, riding, no matter how you spin jump, that is, Bass surging, treble accurate, especially for the passion of the song, exercise to listen to it just right.

Almost lossless compression, the details of the music processing is very delicate, reducing the low version of the sound details of the loss, and ease the wireless Bluetooth transmission audio and video to bring slow, cut off and cut off and other issues to ensure higher quality audio and video needs. It can be filled as long as 2 hours, after a charge can listen to 9 hours of music, it can stand for up to 80 days! More praise is that it has a drag two technology, you can also connect two mobile phones, you can easily control the music player and voice calls, and between the two phones at random switch, call a key to answer. The volume is slightly smaller than the normal volume of the song, the middle of the sound off the sequence of play, the total time of about 20 hours can be. Began to choose as soft as possible, and then gradually selected other genre, with the normal volume to listen until the sound quality becomes smooth, that is, open the pot.