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Wearing a headset spit ears are beats headphones injured

The ancients often use "ears Congmu Ming" to describe a person's smart state, showing good vision, hearing is our basic ability to live with the protection. In the access to information channels, the ear is responsible for half of the function, but life, many people only pay attention to "visible" vision, while ignoring the "no" hearing.

Subway, bus on the headset

Our inner ear has 20,000 delicate sensory nerve cells, so that we can feel the sound of the wonderful, but they are very fragile, can not stand the noise for a long time "toss." On the way to get off work, often can see wearing a headset to listen to music to see the video of the people. As in the subway, the bus on the noisy environment, in order to hear the sound of headphones, people will not consciously adjust the volume, not knowing beats by dre on sale that this is the reason for the slow beats by dre on sale decline in hearing - close high-decibel noise will cause Human hair cells in the inner ear damage or even death, over time will cause noise deafness, such damage is often irreversible.

Bar, KTV to be too long

Go to the bar to listen to songs, go to KTV singing is a modern leisure entertainment. While people enjoy life at the same time, the noise of these entertainment places are quietly hurt the hearing, easily lead to sudden deafness. This damage can occur in an instant, a few hours or days, accompanied by tinnitus, dizziness, earburn or ear clogging. Many entertainment venues such as video game city, KTV and other noise far more than the state of the noise pollution provisions, which will be too long to cause harm to the hearing.

Frequent improper dig ears

Dig ear is a lot of people have a small habit, and even some people "addiction". This seemingly hygienic behavior, but it may quietly beats by dr dre damage our hearing. In fact, "ear feces" can protect the external auditory canal epithelium, to prevent dry skin, with antibacterial effect; also can prevent dust, small insects into the external auditory canal. "Earwax" will slowly automatically discharge, and remove the layer of "protective film" dig ear behavior, is likely to induce a variety of diseases, such as people like ear spoon, match sticks and other ears, forced to cause external auditory canal injury And even bleeding, serious will hurt the tympanic membrane. If the formation of suppurative otitis media infection, but also lead to hearing loss. If you hurt the inner ear, and may even cause neurological deafness.

Unable to control the bad temper

In recent years, more and more cases of sudden deafness, with the modern life of the pace of life faster and faster life is not unrelated. The study found that angry, melancholy, sad and other negative emotions, may induce sudden deafness. In addition, sudden deafness in patients with mood swings are often larger, some people will be more impatient, and some people are very introverted, easy to get dead.

Stay up late for a long time

Clinical findings, the general young people with tinnitus and deafness before the illness there is a period of fatigue. For example, many white-collar patients to reflect the deaf before continuous overtime, less sleep, feeling very tired; student patients are more than that before the test stay up late experience.