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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ear earphones and how to reduce the damage to the ear

??With the improvement of living standards, music has become an indispensable hobby of relaxation, often we all like to use the headphones to listen to music, listening for a long time will naturally endanger their health, headphones and earbuds and earphones, then they What is the difference between? How to reduce the damage to the ear? I believe there must be a lot of friends do not understand, you can see the following Xiaobian one by one analysis. 1, the advantages and disadvantages of ear and earbud headphones If you put aside the time to wear headphones aside, we assume that two people listen to the same time music. To achieve the same volume effect, earbud headphones can not be good because of the external noise, so beats by dre the people in order to get a good listening effect, the sound will be relatively large open, note that it is relatively large. So the damage will beats solo be unknowingly formed. While the ear headphones can be isolated from some of the ambient noise, to achieve the same effect the need to be relatively small volume. In addition, the headset wear time is also very important, if the volume with the same 100 dB, 3 hours a day to listen to music users, with a daily listening music 5 hours earbuds compared to users, obviously the possibility of hearing damage Big. However, from a security point of view, the earbud headphones will be more secure, because in-ear headphones, especially with noise reduction in-ear headphones, easy to cross the road when the traffic safety risks, because you may not listen To the car behind the horn. If you compare from the comfort to wear, or ear-style slightly better, because the high-end in-ear style earphones will be accompanied by a comfortable rubber or beats by dre sale sponge sets. While the ordinary ear to wear a long time, the external auditory canal will have the feeling of Ge pain. Of course, this is different from person to person.

2, how to damage the ear to the lowest back to the aforementioned "damage to the ear" problem, due to long hours with headphones caused by chronic sound injury, the primary performance is tinnitus, followed by hearing loss, late and can even cause the cerebral cortex , Autonomic nervous system, heart, endocrine and digestive system dysfunction. But the symptoms of hearing impairment if the early detection and timely intervention, it can be fully restored. So for their own health considerations, everyone with a headset songs every day should not be more than 5 hours, the volume should not exceed 60% of the phone (not absolute, depending on the model). In addition, according to the provisions of the state in terms of labor protection, 8 hours of work noise allowable standards for 85 dB, but not more than 90 decibels. The severity of noise damage to the hearing is mainly determined by the noise intensity and the exposure time. The stronger the intensity, the longer the exposure time and the more serious. So everyone's working environment should not be too noisy, if the noise is too large, we do not put on the headphones do not open the sound isolated noise. As a multi-year headset users, earplugs and ear earbuds are forced to use, and now use the ear type, and sometimes do not open the music only to isolate the surrounding noisy noise (bus subway, noisy public places). In theory, in-ear headphones can use a smaller volume to hear more details, although this argument is not related to clinical trials to prove.

Read the contents of this article I believe everyone on the choice of headphones and ears have a more new sense of protection, and finally reminded the majority of friends to listen to music with headphones when the volume is not too high, listening to music often do not too long, so Ears rest, otherwise the consequences are still very serious yo, we all advocate love life also love health Oh ~