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What brand of wireless Bluetooth headset is good? The sound quality of these five headphones is good
beats earphones With the maturity of Bluetooth headset technology, and the elimination of the traditional headset interface by mobile phone manufacturers, the Bluetooth headset has developed into the best partner for smart phones, but it is still more difficult to purchase a suitable Bluetooth headset. What brand of wireless Bluetooth headset is better? Today Xiao Bian introduced Bluetooth headsets with good sound quality.

With civilian prices to buy a light luxury quality sound experience, once created a sales one-minute sale of empty records, priced less than beats headphones 300 yuan but the sound quality can be comparable with thousand yuan level headset, by many media as "the king of Bluetooth headset price ".

In order to polish the best sound quality, choose to ignore the appearance, is conducive to the design of headphones sound quality and overall comfort, not only in the hardware with the same price top configuration, and the establishment of only high-end headphones only acoustic laboratory. In terms of comfort, it also takes a lot of effort to establish a human ear database and has beats by dre wireless its own exclusive design patent.

The headphone cable is very distinctive. According to the official explanation, the design inspiration comes from the shoelace. The outside of the headphone cable is made of anti-winding high-grade knitted fabric. The inner layer of the whispered braided wire molded integrated rubber insulation is used to not only prevent water but also prevent Into the dust.

The shell of the earphone is still good workmanship, using aluminum alloy material, very delicate, and the weight of the machine is relatively light, when wearing it will be more comfortable, and there is a layer of coating on top, cheap beats feels more skin-friendly, when winter wear will not freeze ear.

With a neck-mounted design, its battery compartment is independent. Officially stated that there are nearly 200 hours of standby time, and up to 7 hours of continuous listening, basically meeting the normal use of a week's worth of charges.

The color of the cavity shell is matched with blue and black, and there is a metal plate with a LOGO. The CD lines are used, and laser processing is done. Under the refraction of light, different colors will be changed, which is more interesting and suitable for young people.