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What headphones listen to a long time will be tired, it is important to learn to change the taste

Whether it is listening to music or listen to songs or listen to books, basically as long as you go to the headset on this road, congratulations, tell you clearly, you jump pit child, a beats by dre wireless deep child! Everyone will say, do not trouble! Apple's original headphones to listen to the good ah ~ and durable, more than a year, the subway coat x a little trouble are not ~ for this pro, I can only say that children, you have not really used earplugs! I also have a child from the beginning of a child on the line, ah, how to look than holding a Walkman loudly put out ah (one accidentally exposed the age). Until the author has been used no less than 15 headphones, and more and more expensive, pit digging deeper. Although not a local tyrant, but whatever the outcome is also used a few more than a thousand dollars more than the headset, and do not know when the better, look at the price you feel is a good thing, hanging ears to feel special beauty and then Tingzhi more Found a fact that is not expensive must be good, the key depends on not suitable for their own, listen to what type of content. With a headset, you will find that 500 of the article that may make your electronic dictionary with the spike that piece. This is why a friend who at any time with three headphones, not installed x, because the rock, metal and pure music on the needs of the headset is indeed not the same.

In this farther and farther on the road, the author also beats headphones has this problem, with the players after the move, recommend me to change the taste, the total eat big fish and meat is too greasy, as a taste of a Western food. I was a senior appearance of the Association members, serious control, not into the eyes of the firm can not play, modeling exaggerated do not touch, feel bad talk free, but when the goods open, although there is no surprise, but whatever the outcome is not frightened, Or quite a little bit of meaning, especially the black base with metal texture, and finally Liu Wan children with a large number of people can produce a little difference. Left to see the right look, look at the next look, that is not the same, the original is the headset packaging, even without the traditional tiled style, why give a angle set it? Until they wear a mirror to understand, manufacturers are here to imitate a bit about the state after the headset ah, can not help but start to praise, only in a small display design, there is such a close practice, really powerful. Have to say that the metal texture or a sense of a very good, on the hands of a good sense of quality, this is the product of the excellent first off, if the user is not interested in the hands and then hit, no matter how basic Are hung up. Modeling and conventional design a little bit difference, the extension of the headset line is not quite satisfactory, is the front, this state is still a bit heterogeneous, is not common. Sound part of the circle and all the headset routines almost no special place, out of the original medium-sized ear plug, but also divided into large and small. Conventional headset silicone earplugs, the author is generally more robust, but this headlines a little bit slightly larger, more easily fall off, for the trumpet after the obvious much better. From the author encountered the product to open, the user experience and other brands are different points.

Digital products such things, the most important thing is to be an experience, and even non-stop conversion experience, headphones is a not the same product, because each person's voice is not the same demands, and even often change Change the fresh feel interesting, determined not to have a child can meet the problem. Facts have proved that not necessarily expensive is good, the price of this cheap beats by dr dre thing can never be ignored.