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What is the frequency response range of the headset?

Frequency response: frequency corresponding to the sensitivity value is the frequency response, drawn into the image is the frequency response curve, human hearing can reach the range of about 20Hz-20000Hz, the current mature headset process has reached this requirement The

Frequency response range refers to the width of the earphone can be sent out of the frequency, excellent headphone frequency response width of up to 5Hz-40000Hz, while the human ear hearing range only 20Hz-20000Hz. It is worth noting that the criteria for defining the frequency response width beats by dre cheap are different, for example, at a standard of less than 1/2 beats by dre on sale of cheap beats the average output amplitude or less than 1/4. This is obviously not the same.

The average manufacturer is an output amplitude reduction of 1/2 as the standard measured frequency response width, which means that -3dB as the standard, but because of the different test standards used, some products are measured at -10dB. This is actually equal to less than the normal value of 1/16 under standard measurements. So the frequency of the width of the ** widening. Users in the purchase, should pay attention to different brands of headphones frequency response width, there may be different test standards.