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What kind of good-looking headphones worth recommending?

Headphones this thing is always different from person to person. Yesterday bought a headset, brought to the office with several colleagues under the next, immediately out of the opposite comments, which shows too much. So, the subject is best to learn to pick their own, if possible, then try to actually. First of all, be sure to find out what music style they like, because the sound cheap beats by dr dre is not their favorite style no matter how good the headset is bad. Get these, and then consider the following aspects.

?1, the sound quality is real, the sound quality is difficult to describe objectively. The sound quality is influenced by the quality and craftsmanship of the headset in addition to its own, and is also affected by the tuna before the pumpkin. It is worth mentioning that, for those who do not understand the headset, headset parameters for the purchase of headphones basically no meaning. In short, the sound quality of headphones mainly include these aspects: high frequency, intermediate frequency, low frequency, sound field, resolution, simply said that the performance of high school bass area, as well as to the listener's presence and details of the performance. On these pumpkin bacteria can only say one, like what kind of voice style on which to choose where the focus. Some people will come back to buy headphones will hear someone say that the new headphones need to burn machine, this will make the headphones voice better, what is burning machine? Burning machine is like a car running, is a natural stretch of the process, in fact, you can not deliberately burning machine, as long as the beginning do not open a large volume to destroy the headphones, over while it will naturally stretch, or use the radio small volume of white noise , Some headphones burning machine after the effect will be more obvious, but can not be reborn. On the moving coil and moving iron, has been said to move the sound quality is better than moving coil, in fact, the two are only different principles of voice, simply put the iron headset is fixed coil, through the ferromagnetic sound film vibration sound. Moving coil headset is fixed magnet, voice coil in the magnetic gap after the power, vibration sound film and sound. Although the cost of moving iron is usually higher than the moving circle, but does not mean that the sense of hearing is better than the move.

?2, the comfort of this beats headphones specific only to wear their own wear will know, after all, everyone's ear canal and ear are not the same. cheap beats by dr dre However, the silicone earphone sets to wear easier, more comfortable, sponge memory earmuffs soft, noise and sound field performance have a certain supporting role, but wear more trouble, need to pinch and then wear. The ear of the ear, those who hurt the ear, usually due to unreasonable ear structure, and the user is not the right way to wear, regardless of the ear, non-ear, wearing or other way of wearing, for hearing damage Less than the key impact, mainly depends on the personal habits, large volume of regular time to listen to intense music that will hurt hearing, to protect the hearing need to pay attention to listening to the volume and time.

?3, work, appearance work related to the headset with a long time. And the appearance of their favorite like, after all, no one will wear their own day do not like things