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What kind of headphones to meet your critical fingertips? Strongly recommended headphones
Now the headset has gradually become the same with the phone can not be separated, where beats earbuds to go where to wear, the headset for the higher and higher requirements, especially for the noise reduction function above, today, Peter Pan bring everyone the most Consumer favorite headset.

The most important feature of this model is the noise reduction function, the official called progressive noise reduction, changing the environment through the noise reduction size, but also by mobile phones to change the active noise reduction and passive noise reduction, the official assessment of battery life In order to be able to contact for more than 12 hours, it is hard to fail to listen to it for 12 hours. After all, people who can listen for 12 hours in a row are few and few, but probably because the publicity is done well and the sales are very high.

It belongs beats by dre to a sports headphones, because of its portable, with noise reduction work, so many running fitness do not have to wear heavy head wear to do what they want, very convenient, because of its sales is also very Worth everyone's affirmation

beats earphones Extremely luxurious, noble in one, the appearance of the use of leather and metal made of a package ear headphones, noise reduction effect is also first-class sound quality is also very popular in the original sound, due to the relatively high price, so a lot of consumption Most consider other noise-canceling headphones

This relatively many people are relatively familiar with a lot of people, low profile without losing stability, the choice of many business people, wearing headphones above, comfort can spike all headphones

Whether in sound quality, or noise reduction above, Sony is under the foot of the effort, ranking first can be

For these are all doing, mainly in bulk and the National Bank only opened the main consumer if it is for personal use, then the price can be absolutely spike all platform prices, to ensure genuine, free after-sale for one year.